Technology is absolutely phenomenal! I’m never lost – my phone has maps on it. (Maps that work btw… Apple)

I’m never unlearned about a situation – I have the power of search via the Internet at my fingertips.

I can listen to or watch practically any video or song in the world via the power of YouTube or Spotify.

But. This seemingly impending move towards a total reliance on technology. Good / Bad or In-between?

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iPod Nano : Taller, thinner, pricey

I don’t understand it; nothing is new anymore, they’re just adapting products by changing the sizes and colours…


The seventh-generation Apple iPod Nano is a fun, cute, capable MP3 player. With it, you can take virtually all of your iTunes media on the go — your music, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and even photos.

Priced at $149 and outfitted with 16GB of storage, the iPod Nano offers plenty of bang for your buck, especially if you’re looking for something lightweight and simple to use. But with the 16GBiPod Touch out there for $199, and the iPod Shuffle available for just $49, the Nano’s compromise between the two isn’t very compelling.

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Communications and Employability

Trip to the World of IT


In the IT department, there are various people working within different professions, one of them being the help desk technician. Some of the people working in The College are CB, NF, JA, JS, BS, AR, DM and DC.

  • Overview of responsibilities

A help desk technician is required to support the business and its clients.  Their roles and responsibilities are to provide technical and troubleshooting support for computer users (in need of assistance with anything from a minor glitch to a major issue with system crashes and viruses) and problems with other technologies, such as cameras, projectors and printers.

  • Stages one to three

There are three stages of people working as help desk technicians. The first stage are the people that answer your calls or are reported to first hand; the people working at the help desk – they will ask what the problem is and figure out what needs to be done about it. However, if they can’t initially fix the problem you will be directed to the second stage – these are the people that actually come to you to fix the problems. They will deal with the set up in the classrooms, any broken equipment and computer/email access. If the problem is more major than expected, the third line of hardware technicians maintain the networks and troubleshoot the more technical issues.

  • Qualities and personal attributes

Help desk technicians must have knowledge of both hardware and software, in order to help a range of customers with their problems and have a basic understanding of most entities within IT. Good qualities for a help desk technician to have are the ability to troubleshoot proper PC problems, the desire to help others, patience, creativity and good resources if unable to fix a problem straight away – as technology changes all the time – they will also have to keep themselves constantly updated.

Other qualities that would be helpful to obtain are a good sense of humor and being trustworthy; obtaining good customer service skills, as they deal with customers on a daily basis; the ability to ask the right questions, in order to figure out the customer’s problem and then harboring the right knowledge to be able to resolve it; thinking in a logical way to be able to solve problems and troubleshoot; the ability to communicate with a range of different people and speaking appropriately to each individual; and lastly, common sense.

  • Qualifications and knowledge

In order to become a help desk technician, it is not required to have training or obtain decent grades. However, some people take courses outside of being a help desk technician with aspects of IT that either interest them or that they can’t fully comprehend, for example, taking a networking program.

Different sets of skills are needed regarding the aspect of the job, so some employees have qualifications such as GCSE’s and A Levels, others have degrees, commonly with no association to the skill set required to be a help desk technician, as you need to have hands on knowledge and experience in handling different technology and software programmes.

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